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Saint James

Created in: 1160
From: Normandy, France
Category: Fashion, Apparel
Iconic product: Breton Stripes
Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant since 2013
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Established in the 11th century at a cable's length from the Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-James is a small village in Normandy which gave its name to its eponymous brand.

The sheep bred in the local salt marshes provide the ideal strain of wool for knitting sweaters, hats and nautical gear to keep the local sailors and fishermen warm on stormy expeditions.

Key Facts:

1850: The Village becomes brand
Carrying on a thousand year-old tradition in textiles, the story of Saint James began around 1850. The company dyed and weaved wool that was sold in the form of skeins and balls in dry goods shops, and as undergarments and socks to hosiery shops
1858: The Breton Striped Jersey as official uniform in the French Navy.
1980: Pioneering exports
Saint James is one of the oldest French garment houses to have taken on the international market. It began with Tokyo as early as 1980 and expanded to the rest of the world. The brand is the French maritime tradition ambassador.
1990: The Company is bought back by its employees.



Did you know?

Saint James products are officially included in diplomatic gifts given by the French government to foreign ambassadors.